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Fated to the Twin Alphas

Fated to the Twin Alphas

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"Fated to the Twin Alphas" is a spellbinding tale of forbidden desire, dark romance, and supernatural intrigue. Meet Aurora whose passion for independence puts her in a dangerous web of love and danger with her alpha mates Sebastian and Tristan Blackwood. As Aurora is kidnapped by an ancient vampire hell-bent on creating hybrids, she must summon her strength to survive. Tristan and Sebastian race to rescue her, facing their demons while struggling not to give into the darkness that drives them. Amid blurred lines of pleasure and pain, Aurora grapples with desires and the haunting seduction of her captor. Will she succumb to promises of power and immortality, or rise above the darkness? With enthralling characters, steamy encounters, and intricate twists, "Fated to the Twin Alphas" pushes the boundaries of love, loyalty, and sacrifice.

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