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Mated to the Human Luna

Mated to the Human Luna

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In a world where love knows no boundaries and desires clash with duty, "Mated to the Human Luna" sets the stage for a tale of passion, power, and sacrifice. Rowan, a fiercely independent human woman, yearns for a normal life, far from the dark allure of Onyx, the morally black king of werewolves. However, fate has other plans as she discovers she is his destined mate. Onyx, a formidable alpha with a conflicted heart, relentlessly pursues her, entangling Rowan in a web of seduction, danger, and supernatural intrigue. As she discovers the truth about her bloodline, her trust shatters, leaving her torn between her growing feelings and the darkness she sees in his world. In a tumultuous journey, Rowan must navigate her heart's desires and the weight of destiny as she faces the enigmatic allure of the Alpha King.

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