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The Betrayal

The Betrayal

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The prequel to The Milkmaid, The Betrayal follows the individual stories of Elinor, Melody and Sarge.

Tragedy, despair and angst befall each of these characters as their losses compound, exposing their character transformations.

Elinor, a young and adventurous Lady of House Winara, finds pain and loss at every turn, finally finding her footing in her life as the Queen.

Melody, a simple market merchant with a carefree spirit, follows her heart until she can follow it no more. Capturing the eye of the future King Henry, she allows herself to become intwined with his love for her, ultimately losing herself in the process.

Sarge, a Sergeant in the Imperial Army, right hand man to King Henry, falls deeply in love with a woman who changes his life. Their love breaks the bonds that come with societal status, ultimately proving that love prevails.

Forced together in ways that cannot be understood, Elinor, Melody and Sarge test the hand of fate, allowing their futures to be determined by the pain that grows within. Each beginning holds the key that unlocks the darkness that resides inside; will they allow their despair to chain their souls, or will they rise above The Betrayal?

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