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The Milkmaid

The Milkmaid

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Embroiled in a treacherous plot that extends generations, a simple milkmaid becomes the target of interest when whispers of the legitimacy of the Prince begin. Secrets compound, corruption is uncovered, and death tolls rise, leading to the explosion that can crumble an empire.

Serena Gray is naught but a wench, working on a farm located on the outskirts of the royal castle, when a chance encounter with a Prince changes the course of her life. The whirlwind romance shows her who she truly is and who she could become. Her Prince challenges the notion that strength comes from wealth and power, instead proving that life means little without integrity and honor.

Entangled in a snare of deception and betrayal, Serena has to choose between a simple life with her beloved or honoring the voice in her heart that encourages her to step into who she was always destined to be. Will stepping into her birthright change the course of her future or will she choose to stay as The Milkmaid?

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